Emergency Tree removal

When is the Best Time of Year for Tree Removal?

The cost of removing a tree in Oregon can vary based on many things. One of the main factors however is the time of year in which the tree is removed. The short answer: tree removal typically costs much less during the winter or spring months. Below we’ll explain why, as well as other things […]

Elm leaf beetle on leaf

Oregon Fall Tree Pest Control: Help Your Trees Fend Off Pests

Winter is on its way, but that won’t stop pests from trying to make their homes in the cracks and crevices of your trees. In this post we focus on Portland tree care and tree pest control in general. We provide tips on how to help trees resist pests, especially over the fall and winter […]

Oregon trees in fall

Tree Care Tips: Late Fall Fertilization

In this blog post we continue looking at Portland tree care with an eye towards fall fertilization. We discuss how homeowners can properly fertilize trees in late fall. Read on to learn how to determine if there is a need to fertilize, what not to do, things to look for, and alternative treatments; all to […]

Ladder in front of fall trees

Trees Showing Early Fall Color? Could be the Result of Tree Distress

Albert Camus famously wrote, “Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.” There’s no denying that Portland is a great place to enjoy the “second spring,” as many local trees put on spectacular shows of changing color. However, trees that change colors too early may be stressed. While providing Portland tree care, […]

Arborist performing fall tree care on trees

Top 5 Fall Tree Care Tips for Oregon Homeowners

Fall is here! With the new season comes new tasks for Portland tree care. Read on for our Portland certified arborist’s top five tips for autumn tree care. We will also review common trees in the Portland area, with a focus on particular maintenance needs our local trees require. Caring For Your Yard this Fall: […]

Urban Forest Pro arborists planting a tree

Transplanting Your Trees in the Fall

There are many reasons to move a tree. Perhaps you need to transplant because a tree is causing property devaluation in its current location. It might be interrupting the sewer line, scratching your home’s siding, or continually blocking drains with leaves. Or you might want to move a plant simply because the tree will work […]

hose water in front of trees

Rules for Watering Your Trees (by Season)

This summer has been a scorcher. Drought conditions and sizzling temperatures have spurred the Oregon Department of Forestry to remind residents to water trees. In a July press release, the department emphasized the importance of consistently saturating the area beneath a tree’s drip line to mitigate the effects of hot, dry weather. In the same […]

Fall tree care inspection

Fall Tree Care Tips

It’s fall in Portland—apples are blushing, pumpkins are ripening, and the last round of roses bloom. As kids go back to school and the weather turns crisp, your trees are in need of attention. Just as you prepare your home for cold, wet winter temperatures with winterization, your trees will do best with winter preparation, […]

Stormy Weather

Are Your Trees Ready for Stormy Weather?

We’re heading into the season of colder, harsher weather. Are your trees ready for the coming storms? Even a seemingly harmless windy day can make a weak tree a hazard to your home and family. Given that bare trees are easier to inspect, fall and winter are definitely good times to keep an eye on […]