Do you have a tree down? We can help.

Urban Forest Professionals offers emergency tree removal and we’re available 24 hours a day.

Unlike other companies, we roll our own trucks and a certified arborist is on standby at all times to help in your time of need.

Here is our emergency tree removal hotline number: 503-549-1171

Please leave a message if there’s not immediate answer and we’ll return your call within 15 minutes.

Emergency Tree removal

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Urban Forest Pro is a full-service emergency tree removal company. We can remove trees of all sizes and in every situation. You’ll have an ISA certified Arborist leading the job.

Trees can be removed for several reasons including (but not limited to) disease, storm damage, threatening structures, growing too large for the space, improper pruning in the past, poor health or structure, or because they are a nuisance variety. Most trees can be removed in one day. All trees removed by Urban Forest Pro are removed by ISA-certified arborists according to ANSI safety standards. Most of the branches will be roped down & pieces coming out of the tree remain under our control at all times. We use approved rigging techniques to protect your property. All branches and debris are chipped and then recycled. The wood can be cut into 16″-18″ rounds and left on site for your use at no charge or removed by us, which may require an additional charge. In rare cases, there is a commercial value for the wood and we can help you arrange to have a wood recycler purchase the wood from you.

The cost of tree removal varies widely based on several factors.

You may need to obtain a tree removal permit to remove a tree. The procedure, timing and cost of these permits vary from city to city and even from HOA to HOA. We have provided links to permitting info on different cities below.

Fill in our emergency form and our emergency services operator will call you back asap.
We usually will get in touch within 15 minutes.