View Enhancements

View Enhancements

Vista View Clearance Portland ORVista enhancements involve the pruning and/or removal of trees to enhance the view on a property. The difference between Vista View Clearance and view clearance is that Vista View Clearance utilizes the trees as part of the view. The trees are used to frame in the view, which enhances its appeal and provides a sense of privacy for hilltop property owners. It is the preferred method over unilaterally topping all view-encroaching trees or clear-cutting them.

Properties that have had all of their trees topped in the past can transition over to Vista View Clearance and see stunning results over time. Also, something to consider is that, in Portland, topping and clear cutting is rarely an option as many of our hilly forested areas are protected by strict permitting rules. These rules are now being enforced with increased vigor. Vista View Clearance provides healthier trees, a better view, and is better for the environment.

A lot of the work of Vista View Clearance happens during the initial estimate. At that time, the arborist creates a plan for your view based on your input on what you want your property to look and feel like. The plan includes which trees will be removed, which trees will be pruned and the type of pruning. This is where the skill of the arborist really comes into play, as an arborist’s eye, through years of practice, is able to see the possibilities.

Tree Trimming Portland ORThe client is usually given a single price for this service or an hourly rate. Vista View Clearance is not bid by the tree as most other tree services are because the tree cutting plan will be tweaked to obtain maximum results as the crew works. The client’s input during this process, as they see their view develop, will also adjust the arborist’s plan.

Urban Forest Pro provides Vista View Clearance to many premiere properties in the Portland Metro area and is a leader in the industry in view-framing pruning techniques.

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