We have several different stump grinders to enable us to grind stumps of any size, in any situation, from 6 feet in diameter to 1 foot on a steep embankment. We have the latest stump grinding technology, which allows us to get more of the stump out than ever before. We guarantee all of our stump grinding services and provide free regrinding should you ever discover, during any of your landscaping projects, that a part of the stump was missed.

Stump Grinding - Urban Forest Prefessionals - Portland

When your stump is ground, you can expect that there will be no masses of the stump left underground. The stump grindings, which are the wood shavings from the stump mixed with dirt, are left behind. You can use these grindings as mulch around your yard. Please remove the grindings prior to replanting any plants/trees in that area. A picture of the finished product is shown below.

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