Best Tree Consulting Services

Best Tree Consulting Services

In addition to the full range of tree services at Urban Forest Pro — everything from tree trimming, tree pruning, root pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding — our staff of certified arborists can also provide professional tree assessments and tree consulting work for our local Portland area property owners.

What goes into tree consulting? More than you might think!

Consider for a moment a somewhat typical Portland homeowner. He has a decent sized yard with lots of trees and plants. He takes care of his property, working hard to mow his lawn on sunny summer Sunday afternoons. Let’s say he also occasionally partners with the arborists at Urban Forest Pro, who’ve worked with him on several projects since he first bought his house.

Now, let’s imagine that this homeowner has several tree- and plant-related concerns on his mind at the same time: the concrete’s buckling on the sidewalk in front of his house from tree root growth (he received a notice from the city to take care of the problem); he’s worried about the enormous Doug fir at the edge of his property (it’s been swaying too much during the recent high winds); and finally, he’s interested in potential view enhancements (his property abuts a nature preserve).

Since our imaginary-but-representative Portland homeowner is a wise man, he understands that he’s unlikely to be able to tackle all these projects himself. So he rings up Urban Forest Pro and asks for a consultation.

Tree Consulting

Arborists at Urban Forest Pro are, first and foremost, tree experts. Their expertise comes from years of work and study. For example, arborists understand that it takes six years of work on a single tree in order to understand the impact of their work on that particular tree. Each and every one of our certified arborists has at least that level of experience.

Not to put too fine a point on it: This means they know what they’re talking about — especially when it comes to tree consulting and tree assessments.

Back to our imaginary, hypothetical-but-still-representative Portlander. A tree consultation from Urban Forest Pro might remind him of the importance of getting the proper permits before starting root pruning work on that buckled sidewalk. Even better, if he decides to partner with UFP again, we’ll take care of the permitting process. Our experience in the industry plus our status as one of the city’s listed “Local Tree Care Providers” means we have a great working relationship with the city. Our tree permitting success rate is high — as are the consequences of hiring someone who doesn’t secure the proper permits in the first place.

What else might our tree consulting services do? The list is long and not confined to the hypothetical homeowner we’ve been discussing. UFP provides tree assessments for realtors, homeowners, homebuyers, tenants, and people with sick trees on their property. (Sidenote: UFP can also provide insurance consulting as it relates to trees — for example, if someone has driven a vehicle into a tree on your property or if a tree has been damaged by inclement weather.)

We can also provide expert tree consulting and tree assessment for homebuilders since trees are typically tied to city requirements for construction projects — even ADUs (accessory dwelling units)?

Finally, UFP can provide a certified arborist report as part of its consultation and assessment work.

Urban Forest Pro

Homeowners don’t need to be juggling multiple priorities at once in order to reap the benefits of partnering with the certified arborists at Urban Forest Pro. We’re happy to advise and consult on any number of issues (or one at a time!) — from the smallest fern to the tallest fir.

Contact Urban Forest Pro today and see how much difference an expert can make. Learn more about the best time to trim maple trees.

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