Tree Removal Portland

Tree Removal Portland

Tree Removal Portland

As a full-service tree removal company in Portland, we can remove trees of all sizes and in every situation. Call 503-226-7143 today for a free tree removal estimate.

Urban Forest Professionals in Portland have completed jobs from removing the smallest residential trees to removing hundreds of hazardous commercial trees.

Your Worst Tree is Our Specialty! That is a tag line one of our customers came up with for us many years ago. It does ring true in that we often win the jobs with the most dangerous and technical tree removals, jobs that other companies don’t want to take on. These jobs are our life blood. Because of the high skill level of our arborists we are able to do the worst jobs in less time then our competitors.

All trees removed by Urban Forest Pro are removed by ISA-certified arborists in Portland according to ANSI safety standards. Most of the branches will be roped down and pieces coming off of the tree remain under our control at all times. We use approved rigging techniques to protect your property. All branches and debris are chipped and then recycled.

The wood can be cut into 16"-18" rounds left on site for your use or removed by us. If you want to know more, you can read more about the tree removal process here.

The cost of tree removal varies widely based on several factors. We wrote this blog post to help explain the average price of tree removal. We offer price matching with any other properly licensed tree removal company so you won’t need to pay more. All you need to do is email us the other company's estimate and we will match it.

You may need to obtain a tree removal permit to remove a tree. The procedure, timing, and cost of these permits vary from city to city and even from HOA to HOA. We have provided links to permitting info on different cities below.

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Tree Removal Portland Oregon

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