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Tree Roots & Sidewalks A Beginners Guide

Surprise it is sidewalk repair notice season! This season unfortunately comes every year and inevitably these notices for sidewalk cracks and gaps are more often than not caused by tree roots.  So what can you do? Well actually quite a bit, which is encouraging as our knowledge of tree roots has progressed a lot even […]

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Transplanting Your Trees in the Fall

There are many reasons to move a tree. Perhaps you need to transplant because a tree is causing property devaluation in its current location. It might be interrupting the sewer line, scratching your home’s siding, or continually blocking drains with leaves. Or you might want to move a plant simply because the tree will work […]

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Keeping Tree Roots Out of Your Sewer Lines

Tree planting brings many urban benefits. However, an improperly selected or placed tree can also cause serious problems. For instance, tree roots can clog or even break lateral sewer lines. Read on to discover how tree roots clog sewer lines, what to do if this occurs, and how to prevent roots from causing sewer problems […]

Mature Trees

How to Care for Mature Trees

Mature trees are some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring natural features on a piece of property. Their sheer height and multitude of gnarled, curling branches never fail to capture the attention of passersby. These trees can be fairly sensitive to changes in the environment surrounding them, so they require a high level of care. […]

Stormy Weather

Are Your Trees Ready for Stormy Weather?

We’re heading into the season of colder, harsher weather. Are your trees ready for the coming storms? Even a seemingly harmless windy day can make a weak tree a hazard to your home and family. Given that bare trees are easier to inspect, fall and winter are definitely good times to keep an eye on […]

Trees and Lawn Mowers: A Bad Combination

Trees and Lawn Mowers: A Bad Combination

There are plenty of environmental factors that threaten our trees, but people are often the biggest threat. One of the ways we inadvertently compromise our trees’ health is when we are mowing or edging our lawns. Referred to as mower blight, this is when homeowners bump a tree with a lawnmower or whip the trunk […]

Why You Need To Mulch Your Trees

Why You Need To Mulch Your Trees

Trees, as they exist naturally in a forest, will usually have plenty of organic materials in the soil at their base, providing essential nutrients. That’s not always the case in an urban or suburban setting, which means you need to take the extra step to make sure you properly mulch them. Organic mulch may have […]

Tree Roots Vs Your Sidewalks: What You Can Do to Win the War

Tree Roots Vs Your Sidewalks: What You Can Do to Win the War

Any home owner who has gotten a notice from the City of Portland to repair their sidewalks or else knows how contentious of a battle it can be for trees and sidewalks to co-exist in the city. Not only are the quotes from concrete contractors enough to make you sick the thought that due to […]