Tree Hazard Correction

Tree Hazard Correction

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Hazard Correction Pruning Portland OR

You’ll have an ISA certified Arborist leading the job. Call 503-226-7143 today for a free estimate.

Hazard correction pruning is the repair or elimination of a structural defect likely to cause failure of a branch or the entire tree. Several different methods of pruning and/or tree cabling are utilized based on the specific circumstances. The most common hazards include cracks, dead branches, rot, and weak branch unions. Trees should also be lifted from the roofs of houses and other structures to prevent hazards.

It is our observation that customers tend to be on one side of the fence or the other. Either they tend to underestimate their tree hazards or they tend to overestimate. Chances are you probably know which type you are. If you are an underestimator and you are wondering about a tree, you should give us a call. If you are an overestimator, it is your lucky day.  We give free estimates, so go ahead and have one of our arborists out to clear your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Storm Damage

What is my insurance company responsible for when it comes to my trees? In most cases, the insurance company will not cover tree work unless a tree falls on your house or garage. We can work with the insurance company to get the most coverage possible under your policy, which sometimes can include the value of the tree and money to re-landscape your yard. Working with a professional company with experience in dealing with insurance companies will have a huge effect on what your insurance company pays for. Do not use companies that knock on your door for work during a storm. Nine times out of ten these companies are inexperienced, unlicensed, and could increase damage to your property. In some cases, we have had success in getting insurance companies to cover other tree work, but it depends greatly on who your insurer and claims adjuster is. You do not want to alert your insurance company to a hazard without the help of our arborists because if the insurance company believes you are a risk they could drop you.

Can storm damage be prevented or is it a fact of life? Yes and No, there are things you can do to prevent storm damage. Trees can be pruned so that the wind passes through them, but this is not a guarantee that there will be no damage, it just vastly increases the chances that there won’t be. In some cases, if you let your insurance company know that you have had your trees pruned they can give you a discount on your policy for taking that precaution.

During a storm or severe weather, fallen trees or branches can pose a significant risk to power lines, leading to power outages and other hazards. If you notice a fallen tree or branch on a wire, it’s important to take appropriate measures immediately. This includes calling your electric company as well as a qualified arborist, who can assess the situation and determine the best course of action. At Urban Forest Pro, we have extensive experience in safely removing fallen branches and trees from a variety of precarious situations, including tree trimming around power lines.

I have large branches overhanging my house should I be concerned? Yes, but that does not mean you need to take out the tree. We can prune the tree to remove the branches that are threatening the house and we can also cable large branches so that they are far less likely to break. Certain types of trees are more of a risk than others.

Learn more about what causes large holes in tree trunks.

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