Landscape Installation and Design

Landscape Installation and Design

Arborists working on landscape design and installation in Portland OR

Merriam-Webster defines horticulture as “the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants” and arboriculture as “the cultivation of trees and shrubs, especially for ornamental purposes.

Although the two specialties share some common ground, ornamentation (or, more specifically, the care, beautification, and preservation of natural surroundings), horticulture and arboriculture are not interchangeable. (See a deeper discussion of this topic in the Urban Forest Pro blog post, “What’s the Difference Between Landscapers and Arborists?”)

At Urban Forest Pro, we recognize and understand the important distinctions between these two fields, especially when it comes to landscape installation and design. When considering these tasks, it’s vital to hire the right partner.

Landscape Installation and Design Near Me

At Urban Forest Pro, our ISA-certified arborists can help! Especially since there’s a lot to consider when preparing for landscape design or redesign.

For example, there are numerous safety considerations. Our arborists are trained to use specialized tools to, for example, climb and cut trees. The process involves rigging harnesses and setting up lift equipment. You can imagine how intense this task is when you take a look at the height and size of many of the trees in our neck of the Pacific Northwest woods.

Landscapers are not typically equipped to tackle a task of that magnitude.

Furthermore, there are insurance liability issues at play. All of Urban Forest Pro’s certified arborists carry comprehensive liability insurance. This protects the arborists as well as the property owner.

Finally, there are city codes to which landscape workers must adhere. To avoid city fines and penalties, it’s best to work with a certified, experienced arborist.

Urban Forest Pro

There’s so much that Urban Forest Pro can do to help property owners with their landscape installation and design projects. Another popular article on our Urban Forest Pro blog is “Trees that Add Color to Your Winter Landscape.” Take a quick glance at that post to get just a small idea of the kinds of amazing things that can be done to beautify your property.

For homeowners and property owners — not to mention the community at large — green spaces provide economic, environmental and even psychological benefits. One of the benefits of working with Urban Forest Pro on your landscape installation and design projects is that we’re able to pinpoint which zones of your property would best support particular trees and additional greenery.

Contact Urban Forest Pro today to find out how we can help you with your projects!

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