Are Your Trees Ready for Stormy Weather?

We’re heading into the season of colder, harsher weather. Are your trees ready for the coming storms? Even a seemingly harmlesStormy Weathers windy day can make a weak tree a hazard to your home and family.

Given that bare trees are easier to inspect, fall and winter are definitely good times to keep an eye on the condition of your trees. Here are some tips to keep you safe:

Remove dead limbs. The first and easiest step to take is to identify and remove dead limbs. Dead or dying limbs are susceptible to wind, and it may not take as much as you think to bring them down.

The cold and harsher weather in the fall and winter can also weaken a tree and its branches. Mulching your trees is a bit like giving them a warm blanket, as it can significantly warm the soil’s surface and protect roots from extreme temperatures.

Watch for leaning trees. Even without the threat of high winds, if you have a tree with limbs leaning on or towards your home or areas in the yard where you and your family congregate, they are a hazard that needs to be addressed. If you are unsure about how strong your tree is, we can help you determine what, if anything, needs to be done.

Watch trees encroaching on power lines. Trees are involved in the vast majority of power outages here in Portland. To lower your risk for an outage, it’s important to make sure your trees stay a safe distance from power lines. It’s also important to keep trees from encroaching on your home.

Recommendations vary, but keeping limbs at least six feet from your home and power lines is a good idea. Always leave tree trimming close to power lines to the professionals, but don’t procrastinate, as it can lead to power outages, surges and even fires.

During a storm or severe weather, fallen trees or branches can pose a significant risk to power lines, leading to power outages and other hazards. If you notice a fallen tree or branch on a wire, it’s important to take appropriate measures immediately. This includes calling your electric company as well as a qualified arborist, who can assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

At Urban Forest Pro, we have extensive experience in safely removing fallen branches and trees from a variety of precarious situations, including tree trimming around power lines. We’re here to help you navigate any emergency situation and provide expert guidance on how to keep your trees and property safe.

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