Fall Tree Care Tips

It’s fall in Portland—apples are blushing, pumpkins are ripening, and the last round of roses bloom. As kids go back to school and the weather turns crisp, your trees are in need of attention. Just as you prepare your home for cold, wet winter temperatures with winterization, your trees will do best with winter preparation, as we outline below.

Get in touch with Portland arborists for fall pruning, which should be done every year, and is especially crucial if your trees Fall tree care inspectionhave broken branches, insect damage, or disease-ridden areas. Fall is the perfect time to schedule tree service, Portland residents. These breezy, crisp autumn days in the Rose City are perfect for outdoor work such as tree pruning and removal.

Remove risky trees—but don’t do it yourself. Any trees that are hazardous—mostly dead, leaning at an angle, unstable in winds, etc.—should be removed before harsh weather arrives. Felling a tree is hazardous work that requires considerable expertise and specialized equipment. When it comes to tree removal, Portland residents are wise to leave it to professional arborists.

Plant new trees. The workable temperature and cooler temperatures of fall make it an ideal tree-planting season. Trees can put down roots and take in soil nutrients before the harsh days of winter arrive.

Fertilize for healthy growth in the spring. How do you know if fertilization is required? It may be needed if:

–You notice wilted leaves.
–There’s been stunted/slow growth in leaves and branches.
–The tree’s leaves seem to be changing and falling earlier than they normally do.
–In trees whose leaves do not turn yellow, watch for pale green or yellow leaves.

Mulch. During the winter months, mulch acts as a blanket of protection for your trees. Mulch helps keep the soil warm and rich in nutrients. Avoid mulching directly to the trunk, which can encourage fungus growth. Leave a mulch-free ring around the trunk.

If you’re worried about a particularly sensitive tree surviving the cold winter months, you can wrap it in burlap or plastic cloth.

For any questions about tree health this fall, give your local Portland arborists a call.

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