Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling

Portland tree cablingSome trees have steep or weak branch unions, which are prone to tearing or splitting. Mature trees may have heavy limbs, that aren’t necessarily unhealthy, so you might not want to prune them, but the limb could pose a risk if it breaks. In situations where your tree is perfectly healthy, but weaker branches might tear due to weight or in a heavy storm, the arborists here at Urban Forest Professionals employs a technique called tree cabling to save the branches for a healthier tree overall.

How Tree Cabling Works

We install cables, either wrapped around the limb, which is a noninvasive method called dynamic cabling, or in the case of very heavy loads, we bolt the cables into the limbs. We love trees, and would never do anything that would intentionally damage the tree, so you can rest assured that the bolts cause less harm than bad pruning job would.

By cabling your tree limbs, the weight of limbs is redistributed, relieving stress on weak branch unions. Less weight in critical areas allows for your tree to continue to grow healthily. We set the cables at a medium tautness that allows the tree to move and sway naturally in the wind. Under most weather conditions we experience here in the Pacific Northwest, the cables prevent it from breaking or tearing, saving both your tree and the frustration of downed limbs.

Tree Cabling in Portland, Oregon

If you think you have limbs on your tree that could benefit from tree cabling, contact the ISA certified arborists at Urban Forest Professionals. We provide free estimates where we can assess what is best for your tree or trees. Our experts are licensed, insured, and the best choice around. If your Portland Area trees need extra care, don’t trust your tree cabling to just anyone, call in the professionals. If you reside in the Vancouver, WA area and require an arborist near you, contact us for your tree service needs.  Read more on How to Cable a Tree.

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