Preparing trees for winter requires several steps, depending on the type of tree. For example, deciduous trees (those that shed their leaves) use their dormant periods to renew their energy reserves for the coming year’s growth. That makes winter a good time for tree pruning and other maintenance work. Pruning promotes the development of healthy branch structures, and the pruning process rids the tree of any limbs that may have been damaged or diseased.

How to Winterize Your Trees

The weather in most urban areas of the Pacific Northwest is mild compared to many other parts of the country. It’s often jokingly suggested that the weather here — especially west of the Cascades — falls into just two categories: wet and dry. However, as is usually the case, the reality is a little more […]

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When is the Best Time of Year for Tree Removal?

The cost of removing a tree in Oregon can vary based on many things. One of the main factors however is the time of year in which the tree is removed. The short answer: tree removal typically costs much less during the winter or spring months. Below we’ll explain why, as well as other things […]

Trees that Add Color to Your Winter Landscape

Trees that Add Color to Your Winter Landscape

Winter is here and the days are short and gray. Even though the weather is blustery, there is still plenty to appreciate in our urban forest. There may not be many flowers, and most of the colorful leaves of autumn have fallen. However, wintertime also brings unique opportunities for color. Winter interest plants can create […]

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Winter Tree Care Guide: Preventing Property Damage

The soggy Pacific Northwest winter threatens trees providing plenty of work for tree services in Portland. Waterlogged soils may suffocate or topple trees. Flooding can harm their bark. Winter winds may send weak branches or the entire tree to the ground. And freezing rain brings its own troubles. Fortunately, damage from extreme winter weather can […]

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There’s a Hole in My Tree! What Does it Mean?

Holes in trees can be disconcerting. Many homeowners are unsure about what holes indicate for tree health, or what they should do when a hole appears. In this post, we address tree holes and talk about how a hole could be a sign of compromised structural integrity. We discuss different kinds of holes that may […]

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Trees Help Homeowners Save on Power Bills

Many of us are familiar with the energy-saving properties of trees in summer. By providing shade, trees can reduce cooling energy costs by 15% to 20%. But trees can also bring significant energy savings in winter, particularly in cold, windy areas, where they can act as a wind blocker. In this post we’re taking a […]

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Arborist Tree Care Tips: Preparing Your Trees for Winter

The wintry wet weather has arrived in the Portland metro area, and the leaves are falling. However, that doesn’t mean tree care is not crucial during this time. Today we’re discussing what homeowners can do to prepare their trees for winter. We will also cover winter care for fruit trees, which are a bit more […]

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Oregon Fall Tree Pest Control: Help Your Trees Fend Off Pests

Winter is on its way, but that won’t stop pests from trying to make their homes in the cracks and crevices of your trees. In this post we focus on Portland tree care and tree pest control in general. We provide tips on how to help trees resist pests, especially over the fall and winter […]

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Tree Care Tips: Late Fall Fertilization

In this blog post we continue looking at Portland tree care with an eye towards fall fertilization. We discuss how homeowners can properly fertilize trees in late fall. Read on to learn how to determine if there is a need to fertilize, what not to do, things to look for, and alternative treatments; all to […]