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Coming Up With A Tree Protection Plan

A tree protection plan isn’t just beneficial to the trees that are being protected. It’s also a way to beautify our surroundings while providing quantifiable benefits to the environment. What’s more, a tree protection plan is in many locales an absolute requirement, especially in situations involving ongoing construction and other potentially disruptive events. A tree […]

Commercial Tree Removal Services

The Portland City Council has updated its tree code. This presents some challenges for developers and homebuilders who need commercial tree removal services but worry about running afoul of new regulations in a city that conservation and advocacy group American Forests calls one of the 10 best U.S. cities for urban forests. As we alluded […]

Landscape Installation and Design

Merriam-Webster defines horticulture as “the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants” and arboriculture as “the cultivation of trees and shrubs, especially for ornamental purposes. Although the two specialties share some common ground, ornamentation (or, more specifically, the care, beautification, and preservation of natural surroundings), horticulture and arboriculture are not interchangeable. […]

Pacific Northwest Landscape Design Ideas

One of the best parts of being a homeowner with a green thumb is the ability to plan and implement landscape installation and design. There’s so much that can be done to beautify our Pacific Northwest lawns and outdoor living spaces. The great Pacific Northwest offers much inspiration. Step outside and hike up to one […]

Tree Care Service in Clackamas, OR

Clackamas has a long growing season. For homeowners, that means tree pruning, shaping, trimming, and even tree removal are part of life in Clackamas. Given the difficulty of these tasks, we often recommend using certified arborists to do the job. Urban Forest Pro has 15 years experience of tree removal and tree pruning in Clackamas. […]

Why DIY Tree Pruning isn’t Worth the Risk

Tree pruning, when done correctly, should result in safe, healthy and beautiful trees. A certified arborist is trained to understand when a tree needs to be pruned and why, but also skilled in proper tree pruning techniques. If you’re unsure what you are doing, it’s always best to avoid potential costly follies and contact us […]

Lake Oswego Tree Services

Neighborhoods in parts of Lake Oswego date back to the 1800’s, which means some of the trees do as well. Although parts are newer, the city has beautiful old trees in all except the newest developed areas. Trees are just like everything else – with age comes the requirement for upkeep. When people in Lake […]

Tigard Oregon Tree Care Services

Known perhaps as much for Washington Square as much as anything else, the people of Tigard will tell you what we here at Urban Forest Pros know – it’s a beautiful city full of trees. It may not be as old as Portland, but settlers from the east arrived in Tigard over 160 years ago. […]

What is a Certified Arborist and is it Different from a Landscaper?

Generally, a certified arborist is an arborist who has obtained their Certified Arborist designation from the International Society of Arboriculture, or ISA. To gain this certification, there are the following experience requirements: 3 years of full time experience working in the arboriculture industry OR 2 year degree and 2 years of experience OR 4 year […]

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