Storm Damage Tree Removal: Watch Us in Action!

As Portland tree removal experts, we’re highly attuned to each maelstrom that tears through the Rose City. Each gust makes us wonder how many gargantuan trees will be sent tumbling onto driveways, roadways, and roofs. Fallen trees threaten structures and pose safety hazards. While we don’t relish the sight of a beautiful tree pulled up from its roots, or broken at the trunk, we do enjoy setting things right through expert, informed tree removal. Today we’re sharing a time lapse video showing how we removed a large Lake Oswego oak tree that fell during a storm last March.

This tree was a grand oak. Judging from the tree’s outward appearance, it seemed healthy and strong. The owners had provided proper care. However, this particular oak had hidden root issues. A storm in mid-March sent powerful gusts through Lake Oswego, and knocked the oak down onto the home. Oaks are not especially prone to falling, but then again large trees are always more likely to tumble during a storm. Unfortunately, the fallen tree wreaked havoc on the roof; it caused major structural damage, and a modest amount of rain seeped inside, causing water damage inside. We arrived at first light the morning after the storm. Our exceptional relationships with local crane companies allowed us to arrange for a crane to take the tree off the roof. Once the fallen oak was safely removed, the home’s roof was patched, allowing the homeowner to arrange repairs according to his own time schedule.

After the Storm: What to Do When Storms Damage Your Trees

There are a few preventative arboreal issues you can address prior to a serious storm. First, train yourself to recognize problem trees. Dead limbs, leaning trunks, and branches that cross paths with nearby hazards (think power lines) are indications that a tree is more likely to fall in a storm. Fungal growth signifies disease. Such vulnerable, sick trees have a higher chance of falling during storms.

If you’re unsure that a tree is safe, steer clear! Call in Portland certified arborists for further guidance.

Prevention is the best approach to prevent fallen trees, but as in the case of the oak in Lake Oswego, trees are not 100% unpredictable, and occasionally a tree that appears healthy will fall in a storm. In such cases, it’s best to contact a professional tree removal service as soon as possible.

Storm Damage Tree Removal by Urban Forest Pros

As Portland certified arborists, we are passionate about all aspects of tree care, including cleaning up storm damage. As a full-service arborist firm, we are capable of removing any fallen tree, no matter how big, or how precariously situated. We have removed hundreds of trees over the years, for dozens of reasons (storm damage, disease, the tree is too big for the space, etc.). Safety is always our first priority. We follow ANSI-approved rigging standards to keep every branch and trunk within our control as it falls. Once the tree is down, we chip and recycle the branches and other debris; larger pieces of wood can be cut into rounds and left on your property, or removed (for an additional fee). Rarely, the felled timber may be valuable enough for resale; in those circumstances we can help you arrange a sale to wood recyclers. The cost for tree removal varies widely according to multiple factors, including local tree removal permitting costs. Contact us today to get a consultation and determine whether the trees surrounding your home are an asset or a liability in the next storm.

Watch out certified arborists in action

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