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5 Things To Know About Getting Tree Work Done In Beaverton

5 Things To Know About Getting Tree Work Done In Beaverton

  Like most cities, Beaverton has rules about the work that can be done on trees inside the city limits. Depending on where your property lies within city limits and its proximity to other features, you may be limited on what you can and cannot do. Following are a few things you should know about […]

choosing a live christmas tree in portland or

Why Planting Your Live Christmas Tree In The Yard Is A Bad Idea

So you choose to do a live Christmas tree. I mean why cut down a tree when you don’t have too, right? And now that Christmas is over you are pondering what to do with that live tree sitting in your living room. Well, if you are thinking about planting it in your yard, you […]

tree laying on house and car after storm

Top 4 Tips for When You Have a Tree Fall During a Storm

Storms are a fact of life in the Portland and Vancouver areas. Snow storms, rain storms, wind storms – they make the news, can disrupt our lives, and occasionally knock down trees. And when they do, the safest thing to do is call a tree service company experienced in emergency tree removal. If you haven’t […]

tree fallen on portland or home

The First 5 Things To Do When A Tree Falls On Your House

It’s something you hope never happens, but in a city and area renowned for its trees, sooner or later a tree may fall on your house. What you do next in the pursuit of emergency tree service is crucial. In order of importance, here are the 5 things to do if a tree ever falls […]

Portland city trees

Tree Roots & Sidewalks A Beginners Guide

Surprise it is sidewalk repair notice season! This season unfortunately comes every year and inevitably these notices for sidewalk cracks and gaps are more often than not caused by tree roots.  So what can you do? Well actually quite a bit, which is encouraging as our knowledge of tree roots has progressed a lot even […]