The Benefits of Adding Green Space to your Property

Green spaces are aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal, or hoping to bring in new customers, attractive landscaping is a must. Moreover, trees and bushes benefit the environment while also reducing heating/cooling costs. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of luscious greenery around your home or office.

Trees improve home value.Portland Tree Service on the Myriad Benefits of Green Spaces

Multiple Environmental Benefits. From filtering groundwater to improving air quality, plants help the earth in many ways. Their roots protect water quality by reducing the amount of nitrates that leach into the soil, while also protecting our watersheds from pollutants. Think of trees and shrubs as underground filtration devices, cleaning water before it flows into local rivers and streams. Trees help to regulate temperature, reducing the need to use fossil fuels for heating and cooling buildings. Finally, plants minimize erosion by holding soil in place. This means less flooding and fewer mudslides.

Higher Property Values. Envision two identical homes, side by side. Now imagine one with shimmering, rustling trees, radiant flower beds, and enchanting shrubbery. The home next door has the same floor plan, but an overgrown, weed ridden lawn in front. Which home do you think would sell first? Humans are naturally attracted to the beauty of gardens, so it’s no surprise that landscaped homes and businesses boast increased property values. Indeed, well maintained green space can increase the value of a home by as much as 20%! That’s reason enough to arrange for our Portland tree services.

Cooler Buildings. Plants’ economic benefits don’t stop with increased property values. Surrounding your home with trees and plants also creates a more temperate indoor atmosphere. This can save quite a bit on air conditioning expenses. More green outside=more greenback inside. Urban air temperatures can soar during summer months, as asphalt and concrete soak up sun and create heat sinks. According to the EPA, by shading sidewalks and homes, trees and bushes reduce heat sinks, while also humidifying the air through evaporative cooling.

Improved air quality. Trees remove shocking amounts of pollutants from the air. Research has found that one acre of trees can remove 13 tons of gases and particles on a yearly basis. Trees “breathe in” the carbon dioxide that our cars spit out, and in exchange they provide us with fresh oxygen to breathe.

Commercial Benefits. Studies have shown that workers are more efficient when they can access and see green spaces. Employees experience higher job satisfaction when they enjoy a pleasant outdoor view. Moreover, greenery has been shown to boost civic pride while simultaneously drawing in tourists and shoppers.

This is only a sample of the plethora of benefits that green spaces offer. They also reduce cities’ septic drainage problems, by reducing the speed at which storm water drains to rivers. Here in Portland, the city is adding street-side drainage reservoirs with grasses, trees, and bushes to slow down storm water drainage and prevent sewage from overflowing into the Willamette River during major storm events.

Clearly, green spaces are smart, from economic, environmental, and even psychological perspectives. However, when aiming to achieve these benefits, it’s important to work with a professional Portland tree service or landscaping company. As Portland tree trimming experts, we recommend always working with certified arborists. Portland homeowners should be aware that property values will be decreased under subpar tree care. Avoid wasting money on landscaping and tree planting, Portland property owners—work with proven landscaping and tree care companies. To learn which zones around your business or home would best support trees and other greenery, give us a call. Our ISA-certified arborists can provide expertise on tree placement and long-term care.

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