Trees and Lawn Mowers: A Bad Combination

b2ap3_thumbnail_mowing-around-treeThere are plenty of environmental factors that threaten our trees, but people are often the biggest threat. One of the ways we inadvertently compromise our trees’ health is when we are mowing or edging our lawns.

Referred to as mower blight, this is when homeowners bump a tree with a lawnmower or whip the trunk with an edger. Over time, the tree bark is further damaged, which makes it difficult for the tree to move nutrients to the roots and for the roots to transport water to the rest of the tree.

Trees are most vulnerable to lawnmower damage in the spring and fall when bark is most prone to “slip.” That said, damage can happen anytime, as long people are careless in their yard work.

This easily preventable problem happens primarily due to not understanding how simple mistakes in routine lawn care can have major long-term repercussions on tree health. A little nick here and there can add up to big problems.

Placing mulch at the base of your trees is not only healthy for your tree and visually appealing, but it can act as a visual mark for you to stop before you get too close to the tree trunk with your mower. Plus, it will help avoid weed problems around your trees which won’t necessitate the damage risk of a weed trimmer.

If you still have to trim stray grass or weeds close to a tree, use manual handheld clippers and save the bigger weed trimmer for areas that are a safe distance away from trees and shrubs.

Trees play an important role in the aesthetic appeal, and consequently monetary value, of our property. That’s why it is so vital we care for and nurture them properly. Some basic knowledge of tree care can go a long way to ensuring a beautiful and healthy landscape.

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