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Vancouver Washington Tree Care Services

Vancouver Washington Tree Care Services

Arborist walking around with woman inspecting treesVancouver, Washington has changed significantly in recent years. Trees are everywhere, with parks galore. With the new downtown Vancouver waterfront, people of all kinds are flocking to Vancouver to get outside, breathe, and take in the beauty and fresh air that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The variety of trees in this area draws people time and time again.

However, trees will need to be pruned, trimmed, and sometimes even removed. That’s where our experienced team of professionals at Urban Forest Pros can help, day or night. We proudly offer a variety of tree-related services!

Tree Removal in Vancouver, WA

Whether it’s disease, storm or pest damage, or something else, trees may need to be removed from time to time. We are licensed and trained to remove trees of all sizes. Our arborists will determine the extent and scope of the job and let you know what the best course of action is. It is very important to have a trained crew of professional arborists remove your tree, as it can be dangerous not just for you, but for your property and surrounding areas. Urban Forest Pro offers free estimates, so contact us today for information on your tree removal.

Vancouver, WA Tree Pruning

Man with safety equipment and chainsaw pruning tree.Trees need to be pruned to look great and stay healthy. Our certified arborists are well-versed in a variety of tree pruning methods. During your free estimate appointment, we will look at the tree closely and discuss what needs to be done, then provide our best recommendations. Maybe it’s a full prune or just some thinning that needs to take place. Whatever it is, we know the details for pruning your tree to keep it strong, beautiful, and healthy.

Vancouver, WA Tree Permits

If you plan on removing a tree, you will need to obtain the proper permit. Urban Forest Pros can help you with the process of getting the required Vancouver, WA tree permits. Let us know if you need one during your appointment for a free tree removal estimate. It’s important to get the right permits, so you don’t run into hefty fines later down the road.

Tree Hazard Correction in Vancouver, WA

Trees can get big and beautiful, but sometimes they can become a hazard if not properly cared for. Maybe it is a limb that has started to break off or a diseased tree that is starting to weaken at the roots – trees like these need to be assessed by a certified team of arborists to ensure that the hazard is corrected right away. If damage or injury occurs because of a tree, you could be liable, so contact us today to schedule an assessment appointment.

Vancouver, WA Tree Cabling

Portland tree cablingTree cabling isn’t just a Vancouver, WA thing – it’s a common method used when either the tree limbs or branches need a little extra support. It’s also used when the removal of limbs could create additional problems or when such removal isn’t desired by the homeowner. It can also be used to limit damage to tree limbs from storms or prevent limb failure. Urban Forest Pro can help with tree cabling, so be sure you contact us for an appointment so we can provide options that are specific to your situation.

Tree Services, Vancouver, WA

Taking care of the trees on your property is important. So, whether it’s pruning, planting, stump grinding, or something else, our comprehensive service offerings are sure to benefit you! We are one of the premier tree service companies serving the Vancouver area today. Please call us today at 503-226-7143 to schedule your free estimate.

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