Urban Forest Pro’s Tree Pest Control Methods

Homeowners who arrange for Portland tree services are often shocked by standard instructions to keep kids and pets inside, to prevent potentially hazardous chemical exposure. Why spray something on a beloved tree that could harm your family? Our Portland ISA-certified arborists wondered the same thing. After years of experience identifying tree pests and using a variety of products, our certified arborists knew that organic pest control techniques often work best for ridding Portland trees of unhealthy pests. So we’ve recently updated our pest control methods for trees. Let’s take a look at how Urban Forest Pro tackles tree pests.

Urban Forest Pro’s State of the Art Tree Pest Control Techniques

Arborist inspecting tree for pest damageGo Organic First. Our policy is to prioritize organic pest control methods first. Not doing organic approaches tend to be more affordable, but they’re also as or more effective than standard pest sprays. We only stray from organic or natural pest control when the pests in question aren’t responding to this treatment, when our experience indicates such an outcome, or when the tree we’re reviewing is too widely infested to rely on organic approaches.

Avoid the Need to Protect Property by Avoiding Sprays. Trunk injections are favored by our certified arborists. Portland families receive immunizations through needles, and trees can too, via trunk injection. We’ve selected tree injection products that are pre-packaged, so there’s no need mix on site, and there’s no danger of spills. The problematic side effects of spraying—dragging a hose through the yard, damaging other plants; potentially coating lawn furniture and toys with spray; tainting pools; exposing family members to chemicals—are eliminated with trunk injection.

Increased Dispersal in Five Minutes, with No Drilling Damage. Trunk treatments were previously delivered via holes drilled into the trunk. Not only could this method cause permanent damage to the tree, but it also proved to be ineffective because the treatment was often placed in the wrong area, the inner rings. You see, trees’ circulatory systems move nutrients through the outer layers of tissue. If the pesticide or preventative solution is placed too deep, at the inner heartwood, it will stay there and not move throughout the tree. Advanced injection systems, such as those used by Urban Forest Pros, deliver treatment to the outer layers, where the tree’s circulation naturally distributes it throughout the organism. Even very tall trees can be treated in just five minutes with this method, and there’s often no need for repeat treatments.

Tree injections work great for conifers, palms, and more.

Regardless of which of your trees is suffering pest infestation, our knowledgeable arborists have the experience to recommend effective solutions. Call us today to arrange a visit for more information.

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