Tree Removal in Portland, OR What Does It Cost?

Tree Removal in Portland, OR What Does It Cost?

Unfortunately the answer to the question: What does tree removal cost is a very unsatisfying “It Depends” I wish there was reliable formula or app for that, buTree Removal Cost Portlandt there is not one yet. We remove trees for $50 and we have removed a single tree for $25K.

What I can tell you is the top 5 factors that will increase the cost of tree removal. When I talk about prices below they are estimates. WARNING: I will not take phone calls about how my generalizations below were off in your particular case because they are only given to be a ball park guide and thus they will be wrong some of the time. Also the prices given are meant to be taken as a minimum prices and are based on 2017 pricing.

The number one factor that effects tree removal cost: Size of the Tree

  1. How tall the tree is. I can tell you from experience people are bad about estimating heights. Fortunately, there is an app for that and you can read about it here. Or if you prefer to guestimate just think that 1 story of a house is 15 ft and that should help. If the tree is larger than your house than you probably passed the $1k price range. If it towers over your whole neighborhood over 100 feet then you have probably passed $2.5 mark in price.
  2. When considering size you also need to consider spread. For example an Oak tree that spreads over 3 yards probably not going to be under $2.5K.

Number 2 factor that effects tree removal cost: Obstacles

  1. Your house, the more the tree overhangs the house/roof the more it costs to removal. Cedar roof costs more, sky light will cost you more ect. A tree that is within 10 ft of your home likely over $2K.
  2. Power lines and communications lines, especially high voltage power lines. How do you tell if the line are high voltage well those are the skinny ones at the very top of the pole (there is usually 3, but sometimes 1). Tree that runs next to high voltage lines likely over $2K.
  3. Stuff in your yard. RV’s, hot tubs, playground sets. You want the best price you need to be willing to move that stuff out of the way. Just keep in mind that hiring a labor is move some of your things is likely less than paying an highly skilled and thus highly paid arborist to work over it.
  4. Cement, Asphalt, fences. Watching out of these items will costs you more. Pro tip: if you are getting a new driveway or fence get your tree removed first this is a big money saver.

Number 3 factor that effects tree removal cost : Access

  1. A backyard tree costs more then a front yard tree. Usually about a 1/3 more for the backyard. If you have bad access like a tiny gate or we have to go through your garage probably more then that. This is why sometimes it makes sence to take a fence down if you have a tree coming down.
  2. a tree on a cliff costs more then a tree on flat ground. The steeper and more rough the terrain the more it costs.
  3. If we have to get city parking permits to reserve parking on your street it will cost more. If you live is 97210 expect to pay $200 more just for parking.

Number 4 factor effecting tree removal cost: Condition of the Tree

  1. Your tree is dead, rotten, diseased, cracking or otherwise in bad condition it costs more
  2. If your tree is on your house this costs the most (usually $5K and up), but the good news is your home owner’s insurance is probably paying for it.

Number 5 factor effecting tree removal cost: Expectations

  1. The more high-end your house the more it costs. We don’t up charge you for being rich we just take into account that if we ding your gutter it would $1K repair vs $50 for home depot standard gutter work that we would probably do ourselves. We also take into account your expectation that everything look perfect in the end just as is had when we started. And that does not just go for wealth people if your yard is perfect you will pay more.
  2. The same goes for being a hoarder or collector. Collectors love their stuff and it you have a lot of stuff that is a clue to us that if something gets damaged we will have a big problem on our hands.

If you are still hungering for some more information about what your tree removal will cost get a free estimate or read this much older blog post also about tree removal pricing. The information is basically the same but there might be some little gems of addtional information for those of you with a thirst to know it all.

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