Urban Forest Pro’s Holiday Gift to our Customers: Planting Trees!

Happy New Year and best of luck to you in 2015 from Urban Forest Pros! Each ISA-certified arborist within our ranks is thrilled to help create a greener urban environment. To show our gratitude to the Portland community, we wrapped up 2014 with a donation of 100 native trees to Friends of Trees. This is our way of saying thank you to our Portland tree service customers.

For those who aren’t familiar with Friends of Trees, we’d like to introduce this exceptional organization. The mission of this Portland- and Eugene-based non-profit is to bring people together to plant new trees and care for the green spaces that we all share. Friends of Trees was founded in 1989 and since them they have planted nearly a half million trees and native plants as a 501C3 nonprofit.

Through Friends of Trees’ Neighborhood Trees program, homeowners can purchase discounted trees to plant in their neighborhoods. Friends of Trees also maintains a Green Space Initiative, in which crew leaders guide volunteers at weekend planting events. The aim of these weekend planting events is to restore urban green spaces. Every Portland arborist we know lights up when Friends of Trees is mentioned. Their Portland tree planting signs are well known to Rose City residents.

The 100 native trees we donated are planted at the Collins Sanctuary. Located next to Forest Park, the Collins Sanctuary is owned by Metro and maintained by the Audubon Society of Portland. Friends of Trees as planted more than 5,600 native shrubs and trees in the sanctuary over the last five years.

Donate and Help. Once again, happy holidays from all of us at Urban Forest Pros! We wish you and yours a peaceful and Certified Arborist planting treesproductive 2015. If you are interested in learning more about Friends of Trees, or helping them with a donation of money or time, you can visit them online at FriendsOfTrees.org. You may also purchase tree planting gifts through Friends of Trees’ gift tree dedication program.

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