Tree Removal Permit Beaverton

Beaverton Tree Removal Permit informationMost trees in the city of Beaverton do not require a tree removal permit. But in truth, this does not matter. What does matter is this – Does your specific tree need a permit? The rules in the city if Beaverton don’t make that obvious and, unfortunately, you will need to do a little legwork contacting the correct city offices to know for sure.

The first step to finding out if you need a tree removal permit in the city of Beaverton is finding out if you are within the city limits. You can look at a map of the boundaries here.

A second, easier option is to look up your address at Under the “Jurisdiction” area, it should say “Beaverton.” If it only lists the county and not the actual city, then you are outside of the city limits. This should be confirmed by contacting city of Beaverton zoning before moving ahead with any tree work.

After you have determined you are indeed in the city of Beaverton there are essentially 2 ways to find out if you need a Beaverton tree removal permit:

  1. Call a Tree Service Company (Urban Forest Pro 503-226-7143)
  2. Call the Beaverton City Arborist,Steve Brennan at (503)-526-2206

I know those are not appealing answers as you were hoping to read this article and come away with an answer. The reason for this is because in the City of Beaverton, you can only find out if your tree is one of many protected types (Significant tree/grove, Historic tree/grove, Significant Natural Resource Zone, Landscape trees) by looking at zoning maps which are not provided online.

The city can look this up for you or your arborist most likely has a copy. These trees exist on single family lots and there is no way to tell unless you look it up, but there are some clues:

  1. Your lot backs up to a green space (Probably need a permit)
  2. You live in a newer development (post 2000) without a designated green space or with small lots (Probably need a permit)
  3. Your tree is part of a grove of similar trees in your neighborhood (Probably need a permit)
  4. The tree is on a commercial or multi-family lot (Always need a permit)

If your tree is not in one of these protected zones you can remove as many as you like unless your property is greater than 10,000 square feet. In that case you can remove up to 4 of them per calendar year. If your tree does turn out to be protected that does not mean it cannot be taken out. For each of these classes of trees there is a permitting process but the requirements and fees vary (fee range $75-$1,000).

There are a few trees that almost never require a permit. They are:

  1. Trees under 10” in diameter at 4.5’ from the ground are not considered trees unless they are a landscape tree or street tree.
  2. Lombardi Poplar tree are considered invasive and do not require a permit.
  3. Fruiting fruit trees do not require permits.

The city also requires a permit for the removal of street trees in Beaverton, but these trees are in most cases easy to identify as they are most likely located between the street and the sidewalk.

If you do determine you do need a permit it is best to enlist the help of an arborist. The chances that your permit will be submitted complete, with justifiable grounds, and thus be approved greatly increase with the help of a professional.

We highly recommend that you do not make a determination about whether or not permits are require based solely off of this article. It is intended as a general overview. We recommend you seek further information and confirmation from the city of Beaverton. Please know this article may not be immediately updated when changes are made to Beaverton tree regulations.

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