Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Portland OR Tree Planting ServiceTree planting, which would seem like a fairly straightforward subject, is actually quite complex. This is an area of urban arboriculture where a majority of the largest and most costly mistakes are made.

The two most common mistakes are the wrong tree and the wrong place for it. There are simply too many factors to consider when planting a tree in the city for it to be done effectively by a layperson.

Choosing a poor tree specimen from retail nursery tree stock is tremendously common. Most nurseries do not have an arborist on staff, so stock that an arborist knows to be poor regularly ends up at retail nurseries. This can lead to very costly maintenance and repairs that the homeowner might not become aware of until the tree is mature and it is too late. It may be that you spend 10 years growing a tree to maturity only to have it fail and need to be removed.

We recommend hiring an arborist to choose the tree from the nursery and plant it for you. We have a large stock of healthy tree stock handpicked by our arborists. The cost of a typical tree planting is outlined below. The price of the tree will vary depending on the size and variety chosen.

If you are thinking of having a tree planted by our company please think ahead. Our planting season runs from Mid Oct to Mid March and frequently sells out months ahead of time. Because all of our trees are picked by arborists we are unable to hire more highly skilled in demand arborist to meet seasonal increases in demand such as planting season so we just do our best to plant all we can with the trained workers we have on staff.

Tree Consultation ($170)

The ISA-certified arborist helps the homeowner choose the right tree for the right place, taking into account the homeowner’s wants and needs and the environmental factors that will be affecting the tree.

Tree Sales ($360)

This is the price for a tree purchased and planted.  All of our trees are hand picked by our ISA-certified arborists to ensure they are premium stock. Because we know our trees are premium, we have no problem guaranteeing them for 3 years against everything except drought and vandalism. This price covers most varieties, but certain ones are sometime more depending on availability that season.

Tree Planting ($170)

This is the price for planting a tree you provide. This is the minimum fee. The price will depend upon the size and planting location of your tree. Your tree is planted using professional techniques perfected by our experienced planting crew in order to give your tree the best new start possible.