Milwaukie, Oregon Tree Services

Milwaukie, Oregon Tree Services

milwaukie oregon tree service near you urban forest proLiving in Oregon is basically synonymous with living in the middle of a forest, and Milwaukie is no exception. While other states might joke about Oregonians as tree huggers, we proudly wear that title, and if you’re looking for tree services in Milwaukie, we’re guessing you’re probably a big fan of trees too. We’ve served the Milwaukie area for over 15 years, and if you need a tree removed, supported, or pruned, or have questions about tree care near you, Urban Forest Professionals has you covered.

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Milwaukie Tree Pruning and Trimming Near You

When it comes to tree pruning and trimming, every tree has different needs. While certain trees follow general guidelines, it’s impossible to treat every tree or species exactly the same way, which is why our experienced arborists will assess each tree individually. We will take both your needs and wants for visuals, as well as the tree’s health needs for trimming and pruning into account to get the best result possible. Whether you want trimming for health reasons or higher visibility or pruning for shaping or crown restoration, Urban Forest Professionals is your Milwaukie tree service resource for tree pruning and trimming.

Tree Permits in Milwaukie, Oregon

Oregon takes trees very seriously. So seriously, that removing or pruning a tree requires a permit, or you could face a fine of up to $20,000, even if the tree is considered a hazard. The good news is Urban Forest Pro feels just as passionately about trees as the state of Oregon, so we can assist you with acquiring all of the appropriate permits, so you don’t face thousands of dollars in fines, and we can get to pruning and removing your trees the right way.

Milwaukie residents can now apply for private tree permits conveniently through the City of Milwaukie online permitting system. These permits are essential to protect the city’s tree canopy, which is primarily located on private property, accounting for about 80% of the total tree coverage. In Milwaukie, private tree removal permits are required for trees over 6″ in diameter at breast height (DBH), and they are especially important to safeguard healthy trees and maintain the community’s benefits from them. Type 1 permits cover removals of invasive species, dead or hazardous trees, and certain other cases, with no fees. Type 2 permits are for elective removals of healthy trees, incurring fees based on tree DBH. The permits are processed within 1-4 weeks. Unauthorized tree removals come with substantial fines for trees over 6″ DBH on residential properties. Read more on the City of Milwaukie’s tree codes and regulations.

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Milwaukie Tree Removal

Removing a tree is no easy feat, even after you have the permits, and doing it yourself can be expensive, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous. If your tree is diseased, has been heavily damaged by storms or wind, or has roots that are becoming a problem, calling in the tree removal professionals near you is an excellent idea. The pros at Urban Forest Professionals excel at tree removal, removals can be as little as $50 or up to $25k for really complicated removals.

Our in-house arborists can assess your problem tree and develop the best plan of attack to get it removed safely and quickly. All of our arborists are ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified and each tree is removed according to ANSI (American National Standards Institution) standards so you can relax, knowing a tree branch–or several– won’t accidentally fall on top of your car because the person removing your tree doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Arborist Certification Portland ORTree Hazard Correction in Milwaukie, Oregon

If there’s been a heavy wind or rain storm has impacted a tree in your yard so now it’s leaning precariously or time seems to be getting the better of a heavy bowing branch that could fall on the sidewalk at any time, you’re looking at what could become a very large liability problem.

Safety is a significant factor in tree removal, especially when trees pose a hazard to people, property, or utilities. In the City of Milwaukie, it is important to distinguish between tree emergencies and non-emergencies, and the appropriate actions to take in each case. Immediate hazards, such as trees suddenly uprooting or large branches posing a threat, require swift attention. Tree emergencies include fallen trees, large obstructive branches, active splitting, or any situation with immediate hazards. However, issues like dead trees not actively falling or tree roots uplifting sidewalks are not considered emergencies. City staff will respond to tree emergencies affecting the city right-of-way (ROW), but not those on private property, unless they threaten the ROW. In situations where immediate danger exists and there’s no time to secure a tree permit, a retroactive permit is required if emergency work is performed, with the scope of the work being proportional to the immediate hazard.

The best way to avoid potential liability is to call the experienced tree care professionals at Urban Forest Pro. Our certified, licensed arborists can come to your Milwaukie property and provide you with a free estimate. We’ll take a look and determine if your tree or branch is actually structurally sound, or if we need to schedule a follow-up to correct the problem.  


Tree Cabling Services in Milwaukie

Tree cabling is when our in-house, professional arborists give tree branches and limbs a little bit of additional support. Cabling can help prevent weaker branches from breaking in heavy winds or storms. This could be a great solution for trees that aren’t necessarily hazards and you want to keep the tree intact. If pruning and trimming aren’t the best options for your tree, cabling is an option our arborists can discuss with you.

In Milwaukie, summers are brief but lovely, with warm and dry days that usually come with clear skies. Winters, on the other hand, can be quite chilly, wet, and often cloudy. Throughout the year, you can expect temperatures to range from around 36 °F to 84 °F, with rare dips below 27 °F and rare peaks above 96 °F.

Climate in Milwaukie

This unique climate plays a big role in determining the best time to take care of your trees. It’s best to focus on tree care during the mild and dry summer months when the trees are actively growing. Pruning and maintenance tasks are most effective when carried out in this season to ensure the health and vitality of your trees throughout the year.

Milwaukie, Oregon Tree Experts

Urban Forest Professionals can do all of the above and so much more for your trees. If you have questions about trimming, organic pest control, stump grinding, or anything and everything else tree-related, contact our nearby experts today at 503-912-8092. We’re professionals who’ve been serving Milwaukie for over 15 years, who love trees and can’t wait to help you with yours.

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Urban Forest Pro Tree Care Pruning Removal

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