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Are you concerned about that tree in the front yard? Have branches been falling off that evergreen over the garage? Or maybe you just need some regular pruning to let that rare sunshine shine in?

No matter the issue, you can feel safe when your tree services are in our hands! With the help of experienced, licensed, and dedicated arborists, you can transform your tree growth from jungle wild to paradise perfect! You can view a list of tree services by visiting our Tree Services page.


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Why Get Tree Services in Portland?

Portland is an urban metropolis, but it is also a temperate rain forest. It is the trees, shrubs, and other plant life of that rain forest that help give the city its unique charm, and give the homes a feel of being next to nature!

An urban environment, however, creates many challenges to the natural growth of trees. Investing in the care of your trees will not only help beautify your living space and protect our local rain forest, but it will act as an investment that can greatly increase your property value!

Most Portlanders understand the importance of sustainable practices, whether it is recycling or commuting by bike. Tree care is also an environmental practice, as it helps create a harmonious ecosystem and actually protects the trees from rotting and breakage!

Many species of trees will live over 200 years in the wild, and with proper tree care your tree may have that same long, happy life. Let your landscaping act as a legacy and let Urban Forest Pro help make it happen!

Who Needs Tree Care?

If you have trees on your property, you need regular tree services! Our clients tend to consist of both private and commercial properties, and our arborists can meet the needs of both!

Whether you want to take proper care of the family home by cutting away some aggressive branches, or need to prune the trees around your business complex, Urban Forest Pro is fit for the job! Request a free estimate for tree services at your home or office today!

Can You Do it Yourself?

Many people attempt to take care of their tree service needs on their own, and in some cases this may be all it takes. For larger trees or more demanding jobs, however, you may need the expert help of tree service professionals.

DIY tree services can be difficult and sometimes dangerous, especially when you lack knowledge of proper tree care. There are many factors to understand when it comes to proper arbor duties, from the proper angle to cut a branch to identifying rot or other hazard, not to mention the sometimes-complex permits that are often required.

Our customers are wise enough to recognize that some things are better left to professionals. When it comes to the care of your property, you don't want to leave these things to chance!

Why Urban Forest Pro?

You want a Portland tree service that is all-inclusive; from tree planting to tree removal, from cradle to grave. We can handle all of your tree needs, not to mention you can take advantage of our specialized knowledge and years of experience in the industry.

Your property deserves the dedicated tree care of professionally trained arborists. Every arborist at Urban Forest Pro is an ISA-certified arborist. Don't rely on casual landscapers to take care of your trees; instead rely on the exclusive expertise of International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborists who have at least 5 years of practical experience each at a company with over 15 years in business!

The qualifications don't stop there. You can feel secure knowing that we are also Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. And don't forget about the Angie's List "Super Service Award," which has been awarded to Urban Forest Pro for being a top tree service in Portland for two years in a row!

You want a company that is dedicated to hiring the most qualified arborists and providing the highest quality services. Your trees are a part of your home, and your home is a part of your family. Treat your family to the best with Urban Forest Tree Service Portland!

Read more about Urban Forest Pro on our Why Hire Us page.


You deserve the best for your buck, and that's what we offer. If you're looking for the bare minimum work for the bare minimum price, you may be in the wrong place. But if you are looking for fair rates and service beyond your expectations, then read on.

You are sure to find the value of our services unmatched by other Portland tree services. From simple pruning and trimming to a full-scale tree removal, you will not find more highly skilled professionals in the area.

Are Your Trees Due for a Physical?

Most people aren't aware of the pruning schedule of common tree species, and why would they be? That's what we arborists are for. But your family trees may be ready for a check-up without your knowledge, and that could be bad news for you in the long run.

Take a look at the following tips and facts to make sure your trees are getting what they need.

  • Evergreens need pruning every 3-5 years.
  • Deciduous trees, or those that lose their leaves every year, can be pruned every 3-5 years, but should be inspected more frequently when next to the home.
  • Ornamental trees thrive with yearly pruning
  • All healthy trees will benefit from the added soil nutrients of a deep root fertilization every 1-3 years.
  • Cracks, rotting, and frequent loss of branches can be a sign your tree is dangerous and may need to be removed. Improper care of trees around the house can be very hazardous!

Read more about Tree Pruning specifics on our Tree Pruning page.

Customer Service

Customer service is a priority for us at all times, from the moment you request an estimate to the last leaves we remove from your trees. There is a reason that we are gaining a reputation as the best tree service in Portland, and customer testimonials are piling up in our favor.

Not only do we provide the highest quality tree service, but we also work within your schedule and your needs. Your preferences will always be respected, as we know that our work will reflect on your home and your environment.

Don't take our word for it, though! We'd love the chance to prove it to you ourselves. If you are not impressed, then we haven't done our job, and we will come back until it is finished! Read about our guarantee below.

Need a Guarantee?

The last thing you want after a professional service is to find things forgotten, neglected, or in any other way unsatisfactory. You won't have to worry about that with our 100% customer satisfaction policy. Your satisfaction is the ultimate priority, and there is no quitting until the job is finished—and then some!

Free Estimate!

To make it as easy as possible for you, you can schedule a free estimate online. You are also welcome to direct any questions related to trees and tree care in our direction. Just ask an arborist.

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