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Average Cost of Tree Removal in Portland

b2ap3_thumbnail_tree removalFor many homeowners considering a tree removal, the first question is ‘how much’?  Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered over the phone. No tree or property is alike, and a situation must be examined to determine the safest and most cost-effective method of removal. If you are considering a tree removal, it will help to be aware of several common factors that contribute to the cost of a project.

Required Permits: Portland’s trees are a vital and protected resource of the city. The City requires formal approval for removal of ‘street trees’ which grow in the public right-of-way, on private property, trees over a certain size or in a certain district may also require permitting. Though it may seem thrifty to bypass this process, fines of $1,000 and greater will quickly void any savings. A consultant at Urban Forest Pro can help you navigate this permitting process to protect yourself.

Location of Property: The closer your property is to Portland central, the easier we can reach you. Savings in fuel and time will be passed along to you. In suburban or isolated areas, flexible scheduling can help to avoid excessive costs by arranging to have work performed at the same time as your neighbors. Talk with our representative to discuss efficient timing of your project.

Difficulty of Access: For a removal to be performed smoothly and safely, our vehicles must be able to access your tree within a reasonable distance. If an aerial lift or crane is needed, we will need to get as close to the tree as the equipment requires. Small or tight spaces will bottleneck a removal process and increase costs in time and labor.

Obstacles: Trees that have space to be felled are the simplest to dismantle. However, trees often entwine and overlap with nearby obstacles such as power lines and homes, which can present significant challenges to a removal project. If possible, vulnerable obstacles should be moved from the work zone. Occasionally, fragile or valuable objects may be immovable, which increases the need for caution and precision. We value your property, and will take all necessary precautions to protect it.

Condition of Tree: A tree may have structural defects that limit the choices for access and removal. Extremely unstable trees might only be safely dismantled using specialized equipment. Often homeowners will consider postponing removal of a declining tree until better a financial period. However, a declining tree can quickly become a dangerous tree; what could have been a cheap and easy project can become complicated and expensive. Preemptive planning will minimize the need for emergency service.

Level of Service: While we strive to make and keep your landscape pristine, you may choose a different level of service. If you utilize firewood you may want to keep appropriately sized logs which can reduce disposal fees. In some cases the tree can be dismantled and the debris left behind.  Be aware, however, that your labor time and dump fees may outweigh the cost of our services. If it is feasible to do so, allowing stumps to remain on the property is the simplest way to reduce costs.

Time of Year: Spring is the time when trees show their true colors. As a result, the warm months are the busiest time for tree service, and our scheduling backlog increases quickly. If a project does not require immediate attention due to a hazardous condition, you may arrange to schedule work to the months of January, February or March at a reduced cost. As a bonus, frozen ground and snow cover can help minimize the impact of a tree removal to your lawn.

As you can see, a tree removal project has many variables. There is no way to provide an estimate without a thorough examination of property. It is best to have an ISA Certified Arborist examine the situation to save you money, and to protect your investments. If you are interested in having a tree removed, contact us for an inspection and a free estimate.

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