Portland OR Tree Removal PermitsIf you plan to prune, remove, or plant a tree, whether in your parking strip or your back yard, you may need a permit. Tree permitting rules in the Portland metro area are complex. They depend upon factors including but not limited to: what city you’re in, the property’s zoning, type of tree, size of tree, location of tree, and even whether you live on a corner lot or not. There are some links to basic information on permitting below. These links may be nonfunctional from time to time as we try to keep up with changes.

Fines for failure to get a tree permit range from a $25 fee to get a retroactive permit to upwards of $20,000. We have seen real examples of well-intentioned folks who were fined $20,000. The enforcement of these rules also varies quite a bit based on the city and the department that handles the particular permit you need, but it is better safe than sorry. Even finding out which department to call can be difficult. In Portland, six different agencies each handle a different type of tree removal permit.

portland-permit-exampleUrban Forest Pro provides permit acquisition services. This is not an included service. It must be requested. There is not, however, always an extra charge for this service (depending upon fees and what your particular permitting agency requires). Fees usually only apply if you do not get the work done by us. If you do not request the service, we assume you did your research and got the proper permits. So, please, if you are not sure, ask about permits when scheduling your tree work with Urban Forest Pro.  In most cases, we would be happy to take care of it for you.