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Rules for Watering Your Trees (by Season)

This summer has been a scorcher. Drought conditions and sizzling temperatures have spurred the Oregon Department of Forestry to remind residents to water trees. In a July press release, the department emphasized the importance of consistently saturating the area beneath a tree’s drip line to mitigate the effects of hot, dry weather. In the same […]

Oregon’s November Freeze Damage: Fruit Growers Seek Solutions

A sudden cold snap last December damaged many fruit trees in Hood River, The Dalles, and northeastern Oregon. Some parts of the Mid-Columbia area saw temperatures dip below zero. Regional experts say such a damaging freeze hasn’t hit the area since 1955. Trees weren’t prepared for such cold temperatures at that time of year. In […]

Winter Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

Join us this Saturday for a winter fruit tree pruning workshop with Urban Forest Pro’s certified Jeff M. Hosted by Portland Fruit Tree Project (PFTP), this workshop is complimentary for homeowners who have fruit trees registered with PFTP, and just $25 for all others. It will be held in the Collins View neighborhood of Portland. […]

The Current State of Bee Health & the Impact on Trees

Rachel Carson’s 1962 landmark work Silent Spring spurred a whole generation to take action against DDT pesticides. In that book, Carson showed how careless, widespread pesticide use killed insects and the species that ate them, including many songbirds. Carson also connected pesticides to many cancers. Today, millions of bees die each year. While their demise […]

Tree Removal Permit Beaverton

Beaverton Tree Removal Most trees in the city of Beaverton do not require a tree removal permit. But in truth, this does not matter. What does matter is this – Does your specific tree need a permit? The rules in the city if Beaverton doesn’t make that obvious and, unfortunately, you will need to do […]

Trimming Japanese Maple (Lace Leaf)

Japanese Maples Japanese Maples, also known as Lace Leaf, are some of the most attractive and valuable trees in any garden, so if you are lucky enough to have one on your property, you want to treat it right. When the leaves fall off and the subtle shape of a Japanese maple’s trunk is revealed […]

Tualatin Oregon Tree Care Services

Trees are what help make Tualatin beautiful—so tree removal and pruning requires special care. That’s why the City of Tualatin has taken specific measures to protect and preserve trees. That said, sometimes a tree needs to be removed. Given their importance to the community and environment, it’s best to use certified arborists. Urban Forest Pro […]

Tigard Oregon Tree Care Services

Known perhaps as much for Washington Square as much as anything else, the people of Tigard will tell you what we here at Urban Forest Pros know – it’s a beautiful city full of trees. It may not be as old as Portland, but settlers from the east arrived in Tigard over 160 years ago. […]

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