Organic Pest and Disease Control Portland OR Organic Control methods for tree pests and diseases in many cases work as well as or better than traditional treatments. They are often also more affordable. Urban Forest Pro utilizes organic treatments as a first step and only moves to more traditional chemical treatments when the organic treatments fail, the pest or disease is too pervasive for organic treatments to work, or organic treatments have proven ineffective in past experience. Urban Forest Pro only uses organic sprays, as the environmental cost of spraying chemicals into the environment always outweighs the benefit. We have found that for the pests common to our area organic sprays perform better.

When treating a tree for disease, it is important to use an arborist with experience in doing so. This is because even if the arborist can correctly identify the disease/pest, there are a multitude of products out there, all at various price points. It is only through experience with these products that an arborist can know what works on that tree in this climate. Urban Forest Pro has several arborists and consultants with many years of experience diagnosing and treating tree diseases/pests in the Pacific Northwest.