Winter Tree Care Guide: Preventing Property Damage

The soggy Pacific Northwest winter threatens trees providing plenty of work for tree services in Portland. Waterlogged soils may suffocate or topple trees. Flooding can harm their bark. Winter winds may send weak branches or the entire tree to the ground. And freezing rain brings its own troubles. Fortunately, damage from extreme winter weather can often be mitigated with proper service. Portland, Oregon’s certified arborists at UFP would like to present the following signs that your trees should be serviced early in the winter, before the harshest storms hit.

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Big, Heavy Trees. Trees that are big and heavy pose the greatest threat to your family and property. Heavy branches falling from a tall height can cause serious harm. When leaves, rain, or ice clings to the branches, the tree may not be able to support the additional weight. Arborists can evaluate the health and strength of a tree, and they perform any necessary trimming to lighten the load and to allow more of the winter winds to pass harmlessly through branches.


Damaged or Dead Branches need to be removed before they become falling hazards. Moreover, damaged/dead branches invite disease, which can threaten the life of the tree. Our Portland certified arborists can spot and prune away diseased/dead sections.


Windows and Lines. Unattended branches have the potential to fall on power lines at any time. Branches that brush against windows can also cause trouble, particularly in high winds. Arborists can create a safe, vegetation-free zone around the home to prevent damage and support plant growth.


Cankers. Trees with visible cankers or other disease related wounds require special care. Large cankers, and those that connect to cracks or cavities, warrant an inspection from an arborist, who can recommend the appropriate next steps.


Splits and Cracks. Check out your tree for splits where two large branches come together. Make sure there are no signs of cracking here. This situation is dangerous because the crack could break through, sending heavy limbs falling to earth. If you see this on a tree, call our arborists right away! Let us deal with it in fair weather; otherwise you’ll have a real mess when the weather turns south.


Root health. Excessive flooding can put a strain on root health, but so can other factors such as sidewalks, construction damage, and parking your car on the lawn. If you notice mounds or bulging in the soil, it is probably time for an inspection by a certified arborist.


Call a Pro. Many tree accidents can be prevented with proper maintenance and care. Given the enormous size and value of many Portland trees, it’s best to entrust their ongoing care to a professional Portland tree pruning service with the ideal equipment and know-how. At Urban Forest Pro our licensed and insured arborists provide unparalleled tree service. Our arborists are ISA certified. You can count on us to care for your trees as if they were our own. Call us today to ensure your trees are strong enough to face oncoming storms.

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