5 Things To Know About Getting Tree Work Done In Beaverton

5 Things To Know About Getting Tree Work Done In Beaverton

  Like most cities, Beaverton has rules about the work that can be done on trees inside the city limits. Depending on where your property lies within city limits and its proximity to other features, you may be limited on what you can and cannot do. Following are a few things you should know about […]

Teaching tree classes outside

Beyond the Classroom: High School Students Plant Trees and Learn

Who says learning only happens indoors? Beaverton students recently took the classroom outside–and left a positive, lasting impression on their local ecosystem. About 100 eighth-graders from Beaverton Health and Science School went to the Willow Creek Greenway to learn about Oregon’s native species and plant trees along the creek bank. They got their hands dirty […]

Tree Removal Permit Beaverton

Most trees in the city of Beaverton do not require a tree removal permit. But in truth, this does not matter. What does matter is this – Does your specific tree need a permit? The rules in the city if Beaverton don’t make that obvious and, unfortunately, you will need to do a little legwork […]