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Oregon’s Arbor Month in April!

The Oregon flag shows the state seal, with four Douglas-fir trees; the flag’s flip side features the only tree-chomping engineer in nature, the beaver. This symbolism says volumes about how important trees are to our state, from both aesthetic and economic perspectives. As Paul Ries, manager of the state’s Urban and Community Forestry Program puts […]

Teaching tree classes outside

Beyond the Classroom: High School Students Plant Trees and Learn

Who says learning only happens indoors? Beaverton students recently took the classroom outside–and left a positive, lasting impression on their local ecosystem. About 100 eighth-graders from Beaverton Health and Science School went to the Willow Creek Greenway to learn about Oregon’s native species and plant trees along the creek bank. They got their hands dirty […]

Fruit trees in a drought

Tree Care During a Drought

In early 2015, Governor Kate Brown declared a state of drought emergency in counties throughout Oregon. This is the first drought in the state since 2004. Drought can devastate agriculture, threaten livestock, and deplete natural resources. Another potentially major consequence of drought is compromised tree health. As we head into what wildfire experts are saying […]

Constrcution near urban trees

Negative Impacts of Construction on Living Tree Health

Driving around the Rose City, it’s easy to surmise that construction is up. According to Barry and Associates, 9,300 apartments have been built in the Portland area since 2013. And more than 20,000 more units have been proposed or are currently under construction. Any thriving urban landscape is perpetually changing, and Portland’s new edifices bode […]

Bioluminescent Tree

Glowing Trees May Light Up Future City Streets

Is it possible that the future of illuminating urban areas at night may come, not from traditional electricity, but organic material attached to trees that line the streets? The answer may be bioluminescent jellies and bacteria. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde and his team at Studio Roosegaarde are interested in applying organic materials to the built […]

Portland city trees

Portland Tree Permit Series: What is Title 11 Trees?

As nearly every Portland certified arborist is well aware, a new Portland tree code named “Title 11 Trees” is rolling out on 1/2/15. Title 11 Trees is part of the Urban Forest Plan, which aims to “protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Portland” by “enhancing the quality of the urban […]

Rosa Parks Elementary School during Arbor Month

1st Annual Urban Forest Pro Adpot-a-Tree Arbor Month Event

Urban Forest Pro’s arborist’s are excited for the opportunity to prune trees surrounding our local schools. We would like to reach out and provide a learning experience for the students by showing different tree care methods.  We will also be providing a tree ID scavenger hunt with the Portland Timber’s Timber Joey. Above is a tree […]

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