5 Things To Know About Getting Tree Work Done In Beaverton


Tree Work Tips for Beaverton, OR

Like most cities, Beaverton has rules about the work that can be done on trees inside the city limits. Depending on where your property lies within city limits and its proximity to other features, you may be limited on what you can and cannot do. Following are a few things you should know about getting tree work done in Beaverton, Oregon. While the advice is sound, consulting with a local tree company for your Beaverton tree work before you begin is always a good idea.

Tree Removal Permits:

If you are removing a tree in Beaverton you need to check to see if you need a permit. The rules in Beaverton regarding tree removal are complex. They only affect a small portion of the trees in the city but you won’t know whether your trees are part of that group without checking first. If you would like to know more, read our article regarding Tree Removal Permits in Beaverton.

HOA Tree Rules:

If your property belongs to a HOA, there are likely restrictions on the trees you can plant, the trees you can remove, and when, how and possibly who can prune your trees. It is important to check with your HOA on these restrictions even before you start calling and getting bids because if the company you choose is not approved by the HOA you will be out of luck.

Insect Quarantines:

Specific parts of Washington County are currently and have been for some time under a quarantine for yard debris in order to stop the spread of the Japanese beetle. It is important for your arborist to know if you are in one of these areas as the yard debris will need to be dropped off at a specific debris recycling yards which charge a fee to do so. Failing to quarantine yard debris could help the spread of the beetle and costs Oregon agriculture millions of dollars.

Friends of Trees:

Most people who are familiar with Friends of Trees in Portland don’t know that they also plant trees in Beaverton. This means if you need to plant a street tree you possibly can get one planted through this non-profit for the bargain price of $25, and sometimes even free, as the city of Beaverton picks up the tab from time to time. For more information, check out the Friends of Trees website.

Tree City USA:

The city of Beaverton is a member of Tree City USA. This means they have made a commitment to 4 core standards meant to help them manage and expand their public trees. You can read more about managing and expanding public trees here.

While this may be only scratching the surface of all things tree-related in Beaverton, it’s a good starting point. For any other questions about having tree work done in Beaverton, feel free to contact Urban Forest Pro at 503-226-7143.

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